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Undeniably, the NBA is the world's most renowned professional basketball leagues. Nevertheless, in certain regions of the globe, children have dreams of playing not for the Cavaliers, Lakers or the Bulls, but for their own country's leading domestic teams. These pro clubs are loaded with some of the world’s finest and talented professionals playing the sport with a competitive spirit. Here are the top 5 professional basketball leagues apart from NBA that have excellent quality play.

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Wheelchair basketball was initiated in the US and the UK following the Second World War, in the 1940s. It was generally played by impaired war veterans, prior to gaining more widespread reputation. Likewise, the sport was introduced as a rehabilitation program in the UK, during the same era. Wheelchair basketball was launched as an official sport ever since the first Paralympic Games were played in Rome (1960). The wheelchair basketball competition is one of the most popular segments of the Paralympics at present.

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Melbourne United had endured just two weeks of training and lacked four stars. However, they still beat US College UCLA by giving an impressive and hard-hitting performance.

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